LO wants a fair transition, workers are not to pay the price

There is an apparent risk that ordinary citizens – low income-earners and people in rural areas – will be the ones to bear an unproportionate share of the social consequences of the climate transition. LO will never accept that our members must bear more than what is fair. We want an equitable transition.

LO 's Environmental and climate policy programme - An investment-led climate policy

To achieve the Paris targets, all countries must take measures and reduce their emissions to sustainable levels. The joint efforts of the global trade union movement is a crucial force for achieving this.

What has the EU done for workers (and what are trade unions doing in the EU)?

The Congress of the European Trade Union Congress is taking place in Vienna. Union representatives from 90 national union organisations in 38 countries have gathered to shape the future of Europe's workers, focusing on fair wages, social justice and democracy. by Monika Arvidsson

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