LO's expectations on the Swedish foreign policy - a fairer globalisation and decent work for all

The Swedish Minister for Foreign Affairs has presented the government’s 2018 Statement of Foreign Policy - the last one by this government during its term of office. The government’s course of action has shown that the fact who is in charge of foreign policy is of utmost significance; a fact that the coming general elections in the autumn will clearly demonstrate as well.

LO starts negotiations with the government on new initiative to facilitate entry into the labour market

Based on a previously launched proposal, LO started in September negotiations with the employers regarding a new model for how to facilitate the entry into labour market of the newly arrived and the long-term unemployed.

An important step towards a more social Europe

150 leaders from European trade unions were present and active at the EU Social Summit in Gothenburg, taking part in events organised by the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC).

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